New home concerns

This is a brand new home in an elite neighborhood. Apparently the cost of the home doesn't matter. This builder didn't bother putting in 2 kick out flashings where the roof & wall meet over the back porch.

Already water is staining the wood below

Missing flashing results in thousands $$$$$$$$

This home I inspected was missing some "End Dam" flashing details. Less than $100. worth of material will leave this home owner paying thousands of dollars in repairs.

Make sure you get your home inspected

Dishwasher energy tip

Dishwasher Tip
Let dishes air-dry instead of using the drying feature of your dishwasher. Not using the drying feature of your dishwasher reduces its energy usage by about 50%


The manufacturers installation instructions on most attic pull down stairs that I see state "Drive nail through hole in metal bracket"

A huge majority of the time I see them installed with drywall screws, just as the set in this photograph show. This can lead to sudden failure resulting in serious injury.

Outdated smoke detectors & some different types

In the recent past months I have found a very  high percentage of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are outdated. A majority of detectors require replacement every 10 years or if they "chirp" even after replacing the battery. Our state home inspection standards require us to:
"Check the presence or absence of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms"
So, we are not required to test these devices, though it's very rare that we do not. I came across this article recently and felt it worth sharing. In short, the article is stating several states now require combination units to be installed in new homes, which I think is a huge step in the right direction.
The full article is in the Columbus Dispatch

Prices on these units are typically less than $25. each. Certainly not worth waiting until it's too late

EIS Animation


You should be concerned about this chimney

This chimney looked questionable as we were standing on the ground.
The closer we got the worst it looked.

It's past time to rebuild this chimney. The buyers are considering options such as rebuilding or perhaps removing it entirely or making it cosmetic only